Laxmi Kerala Kuthari Mutta Rice 20 lbs


Laxmi Kerala Kuthari Mutta Rice 20 lbs
Cooking for friends or family? Delight their taste buds with our Laxmi Kerala
Kuthara Matta Rice! Our variety of authentic Indian spices and cooking
ingredients are just what you need to create a gourmet meal in your kitchen.
House of Spices carries the essential ingredients that will allow you to
create a home-cooked sensational dish that always please. House of Spices is a
leader in the market of classic Indian cooking spices. Proudly distributed
throughout the United States, House of Spices specializes in exceptional
spices and food products always sourced from the highest quality ingredients.
House of Spices has the ingredients you need for traditional Indian cooking –
made pure, made fresh, and made wholesome!

Brand: Laxmi
Storage: Store in dool and dry place
Product of India

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